Empathy & Our “Sense of Self”

Before we are born, there is no sense of self. There is no awareness of any “difference” between anyone or any thing. In this “space” (if we can call it that), to be aware is the “part” of us that escapes definition. It is the ”space” which many call pure “being.” Some call it “soul.” Some call it “God.” In this “space,” if one awareness, perhaps you, feels; all other awarenesses feel what you do since there is no separation; we are all one within the ocean of being. This is the essence of empathy. It is an UNawareness of separation, of “being at one.” Since there is no separation, there is no choice. It simply occurs. It is involuntary.

When we are born into the physical, we “broaden” that UNawareness of separation to include “other” or separation by “polarizing” or dividing our existence. This is where the “mind” or “thoughts” come to exist. In this “shift of focus” or separation of existence; it is where awareness divides into polarities initiating “being” into a “separation” or an awareness OF being. In this shift we’ve left “paradise” through “taking a bite of the apple,” alias, gaining the knowledge of good and evil. Falling from “paradise” is broadening awareness into separateness. It is the loss of innocence. It is the loss of our primal eternal awareness.

So, to feel is “being” the original awareness without separation. The moment we “perceive” we take through (per + capere) or we recognize (re + cognoscere) or know again our separated being through “emerging” polarized into the physical world. We recognize difference, separateness, polarity. We have “choice.”

Empathy re-minds us of who we ARE, “being,” before separation through the creation of mind has taken place. It is the emerging of our awareness into time that allows the expression of “otherness.” Without it, all is “happening” at the same time. If we consider “past lives” without the frame of time, they are all occurring at the same time! (This thought alone may throw many of you into a tailspin!)

So, we can say that empathy, or feeling what another feels, is our “tapping into” the awareness we ARE before separation or polarization came into being through the function of mind within the linearity of time.

When we attach the mind, the format of other or per-ception (the senses), to the feeling, this pairing creates an emotion or charged potential (a thought or judgment paired with a feeling that becomes a trigger for future reactions). A charge can only happen through polarity or the creation of an innate urge to reunite. Change the thought (the polarity); we change the future potential trigger for reaction. E-motion = (evoked + movement).

So, empathy is what occurs “before” we separate into the physical. We feel what another feels because, on a primal level, there is no separation. When the mind steps in, an awareness OF what we feel is created through that separation.

The logic may seem convoluted to some of you but for many this explanation paints a picture of a primary intangible existence through tangible expressions and its emergence into physical, the language of science.

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