MOTIVATIONAL ASSESSMENT (aka: Who Makes the Rules for You?)

1. What famous figure is it that you’d like to be like? Why?

2. What image do you feel that you must maintain in order to remain in the “good graces” of the people who are important to you?

3. To whom is it that you have assigned the duty of determining your value? Do you have to keep your mate happy and safe? Must you work at not disappointing your parents? Will your best friend crumble if you’re not there for them? Will no one do the job if you don’t? Will they not survive if you’re not there to care for them?

4. If you don’t “live up” to the duty, what will you lose?

5. List at least five people you feel responsible to and for and name the responsibility for each.

6. Whom is it that will give you the best reflection of how you’re coming across to others and why do you trust them more than anyone else?

7. Who is it that best accepts you for who you are? What are they able to accept and overlook in you (be specific)?

8. What would your best friend say about your character?

9. What would your worst enemy say about your character?

10. What do you do well in spite of what others may say or think about you?

11. What makes this possible?

12. How do you know when you’re not living up to your potential?

13. What is it in you that needs to remain hidden so you won’t feel embarrassed, exposed, out of control or diminished?

14. What part does religion play in your life? Where does your belief emanate from?