AWAKE & THINKING: A Broad Stroke

Welcome to Awake and Thinking: A Broad Stroke, a bridge between the two worlds we live in.

pic-the-thinkerOver the last century there have been monumental changes in the perceptions of and approaches used in psychology and metaphysics. Watching the progress has been like watching two frogs hopping toward some imaginary goal line almost in alternate spurts. The goal, as subconscious or blatant as it might seem at any given time, is to establish dominance over the way we think about and live the life we all participate in. In simpler terms, it is a war between whether we are a perceiving life as being “spiritual” beings having a physical experience or physical beings having a “spiritual one.” Some have called this the war between dark and light. But, the labeling doesn’t change the fact that the truth is, both are needed to define each other. Taking a stance in one camp or the other can create extreme tensions between the two or it can, with an attitude of inclusiveness, help us to realize the interplay between the two as the landscape we live in and give us a point of reference to understand the whole picture when we take one position over the other. If we swear by one pole or the other, it creates tremendous conflict. Right or wrong comes as a result of needing to use one pole over the other in order to fill a feeling of inadequacy through establishing an extreme as an identity. In erecting a clothesline would you condemn one pole over the other? Of course not. You would see them as both contributing to the support of the line. In the same way, there is no difference between the two perspectives with which we approach life through. It’s just that if we feel inadequate in any way we will tend to choose one pole over the other and defend it to the death.

The relationship between the tangible and intangible is portrayed with different terminology in either field. In science it is seen as the relationship between energy and matter. In metaphysics it is seen as the relationship between body and spirit. My blog is offered with a  broad stroke presenting different perspectives on how we view life in this perceptually changing landscape. We do this with an eye for seeing the landscape as a common field being viewed from opposing perspectives as reflected through differing terminologies while explaining the same universal principles. Simply put, the physical environment provides the stage and we provide the focus and intent. The movement “between them” is what we call life. Can you allow yourself to refrain from identifying with one pole or the other? Let’s see if we can expand your perspectives with an adventure in perceptual integration.…