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Ever Read the Tarot Cards?

Learn to read the cards in one afternoon!

Did you ever see yourself being able to read the cards? Sound interesting? Spend an afternoon learning the meanings of the cards while putting them in an informative spread so you can begin to see your future and its potential. All you need is a deck of 78 cards, a notebook and your attention. We will discuss the symbols and how they relate to you, your family and your clients. We will then put them in a spread which will give us the timing, the people involved and their implications while doing numerous readings on our families and each other. Learn with hands on. Join us for the afternoon and have fun!

​​​​Saturday July 15, 2017 - 11-5pm - $55

to register or for more info please call:

(941) 286-1562

TAROT: The Astrological Layout

Are you ready to amaze your clients with pinpoint accuracy? 

  •  Is there a raise coming soon?

  •  Is there a new lover on the horizon?

  •  Is their growth on track for spiritual awareness?

Using and mastering the Tarot and the Astrological Layout is a dynamic method using the tarot cards, astrology and numerology in an innovative approach toward interpretation and integration of meanings. Each house represents a specific set of issues and circumstances particular to each area of life such as relationships, traditions, career and more.

This method allows you to separate the issues with clarity in a way that the Celtic cross and other layouts don’t. Timing is established through the separate layers and any person in your client’s life can be found simply by counting to the appropriate house then simply reading the wheel as a new client.  Learning this method will provide tremendous dimension and insight for your readings. Prior knowledge of astrology is unnecessary but an understanding of the card meanings is essential.

​​​​​Saturday July 29, 2017 - 10-5pm - $55

 to register or for more info please call:

(941) 286-1562




7 Steps for Reclaiming Your Power

Energizing -ST-Cvr-1pHow many times have you become inspired to begin a new project or make some life changes only to be discouraged by your peers and loved ones and then end up losing steam in your motivation or even go to the point where you reconsider your plan a bad idea or not worth the effort? We all have undercurrents of self-doubt that are often unconsciously amplified by those whom we care about or are close to us. Then, we find ourselves asking, “What happened? Where did it go? I had so much enthusiasm and it just deflated and evaporated into thin air.”


John-Lecture-1Our childhood programming is a very powerful contributor and lives just beneath the surface of our conscious awareness. It controls our potential for allowing ourselves to be encouraged toward soaring success or to be discouraged and derailed from activities and changes that have hope and promise for accelerating our careers, love life and personal creativity. Learn to process the 7 Steps, minimize the effects of childhood training and build and energize your best personal asset – your Self-Trust.

Energizing Self-Trust is a two day seminar showing 7 Steps that disarm the effects of harmful childhood programming and replace old self-judgments with new experiences and motivating personal assessments increasing our perceived self-worth. Join us and learn how to reclaim your personal power and receive a free text and workbook with your paid enrollment!

Live Seminar in SARASOTA was completed. Will rerun in 2018