freedom-1What does your future hold for you? Success in our future is built from a vision of who we’d like to become, the skills that we already possess and the experience that we’ve had thus far. Are you ready to lay a plan and put your potential into operation? Are you ready to reach deep inside and bring all your dreams to the surface and manifest them now? You can you know. All you have to do is trust yourself. You have everything you need within you. Are you ready? Yes? Then read on and welcome to the beginning of a new and exciting journey.
Path less traveledWe spend the better part of our lives listening to what other people tell us what we can do, why they believe we should or why they think we can’t. History has shown us that successful people follow their own path. They rarely listen or follow what others tell them to do or what they can’t do. Ask yourself this question. Who do you know who is successful that has done everything they were supposed to do or were told to do? Odds are…no one. People like Edison, Gandhi, Tesla, Einstein, Jesus, John Lennon and Nelson Mandela have all followed their own path listening to their own heart and inner calling. All of us can. All we have to do is listen to that small voice inside.
The Hermit-1This site and the avenues in it show you how to walk your own path through articles, readings, classes, books and CD media. Each of the methods gives you an awareness and access to your heart’s desires, your best potential, your learned skills and the opportunities you you’ll find to fulfill your ultimate success and heart’s desires. Open up to your natural and innate intuition and psychic abilities. Check out our sister site www.EsotericPathways.com for classes and readings that will make your spiritual path clear and available to you. Start your journey now. Call me at 941-286-1562.

-John Maerz

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  1. Trish Tritt

    You were recommended by Joy Light since she no longer provides astrological readings. I can see that you offer courses but do you also provide individualized charts? If so what is the cost? If not, would you recommend someone who does? Thanks


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